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I focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I understand that no two people or injuries are the same, which is why I create a custom-made recovery and rehabilitation plan for each patient.

I first opened my practice in YEAR FOUNDED. Since then I have grown into a trusted and popular Chiropractor who has developed a reputation in CITY for excellence. No matter what you need, I am here to help you every step of the way.



You & Your Horse's Performance Is Key

Here at Healing Hands Chiropractic & Hooves, Paws & Claws Animal Chiropractic, we know your horse is more than just a pet.
They are your friend and your family and naturally, you want the best for them. Unfortunately, they are not the best at letting you know when they're in pain. 

If your horse experiences pain with petting, has an abnormal gait, or has difficulty walking they may need a chiropractic adjustment to restore joint movement and allow normal function without pain. I am able to help with mobility issues because I understand the importance of keeping your horse happy and comfortable.


By correcting joint dysfunction your horses pain will be reduced, behavior and day-to-day function can improve and an abnormal gait can be corrected, preventing any further hip or arthritic problems for the future. The adjustment of the spine, joints, and other affected areas helps to improve function and mobility and can alleviate some of your horse's physical stress and pain.


What is Equine

Equine chiropractic is a non-surgical, drug-free approach for correcting or managing many musculoskeletal disorders that affect the joints, disc, soft tissues, and nerves, that are biomechanical in nature.

Chiropractic care is not limited to sick or injured horses. Healthy and athletic horses and riders are ideal candidates for chiropractic care. Maintaining proper structural alignment and motion allows for the optimal function of the muscles, nerves, and tissues that support the joints, resulting in improved mobility, stance, and flexibility in both the horse and rider. Good alignment improves agility, endurance, and overall performance. Broader benefits include superior immune function, healthier metabolism, and a vibrant nervous system, all facilitating your horses' natural ability to heal. Chiropractic care can enhance the quality of your horse's life ensuring active and healthy years.


Does My Horse Need To
See A Chiropractor?

When working with your horse, take note of changes in behavior such as opposition to saddling or mounting, lameness, and gait irregularity. Be sure to notice any atypical elevations, protrusions, heat, or sores along the back and neck. Horses with poor balance and misalignment can experience back pain, which is often expressed through undesirable behavior. Even some lamenesses can be attributed to spine and joint dysfunctions.

While good riding and a properly fitting saddle are instrumental in caring for our horses’ backs, many horses and riders benefit from chiropractic treatment.


Here are the signs to look out for in your horse, that may indicate a condition that would benefit from chiropractic treatment:

  • Pain or sensitivity to touch

  • Sore areas along the spine, being cold backed

  • Poor performance

  • Lameness, stiffness

  • Back, neck, or tail pain

  • Abnormal Posture/ Changes in posture or topline

  • Discomfort when saddled (cinchy, girthy)

  • Difficulty bending to one side

  • Uneven wear of shoes

  • Reluctance to pick up a lead, inability to maintain a lead, cross-cantering

  • Traveling with a "hollow topline" (head/neck elevated & back hollow)

  • Unexplained deterioration in usual performance

  • Difficulty engaging the hindquarters or traveling long & low

  • Holding tail abnormally

  • Head tilt, difficulty chewing

  • Uneven muscle development

  • Uneven pelvis or hips

  • Difficulty flexing at the poll, pulling on one rein

  • Difficulty getting up & down

  • Muscle atrophy

  • Changes in behavior or attitude

Featured Services

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Treatment Plans

Initial Chiropractic Consaltation

The equine initial visit will consist of a full history and a whole-body assessment of movement, muscle tone, and range of motion with a brief gait check, along with an assessment of equipment. Discussion with the owner/rider about findings, treatment plan, goals, and recommendations if needed. Meeting with the rider/owner/trainer /coach is always an asset and will be encouraged.


Acute & Chronic Care

If your horse is experiencing a symptom that is new or has come on in the course of days or weeks a quick visit might just be the way to go! The goal of acute care is to manage pain and improve your horse's mobility, performance, and spinal function while treating inflammation
or dysfunction.

mare and foal.jpeg

Mare & Foal Care

Did you know that the best time to do chiropractic on a foal is as least nine months before conception? This provides them with the best environment to grow in and gives the mare optimal strength for foaling. Doing this keeps both mare and foal moving properly, and allowing their nervous systems to function better!

IASTM tools_edited.jpg

IASTM Soft Tissue Treatment

IASTM is a well-established and researched soft tissue treatment method that is used widely among human athletes for injury rehab and performance. Using a variety of specially designed instruments, IASTM is useful in helping to mobilize scar tissue, decrease pain and increase myofascial mobility.  Horses find it comfortable and enjoyable.


Chiropractic Visit

Each appointment consists of a whole-body assessment of movement, muscle tone and range of motion. The adjustment may include spinal and/or extremity manipulation and mobilization, and myofascial work depending on the needs of your horse. We will also provide information on exercises and conditioning to maintain your horse's health.

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Gait Analysis

This is a comprehensive assessment of the horse’s gait, consisting of lunging, different maneuvers, and exercises to detect any biomechanical faults.

senior horse.jpg

Senior Care

Aging horses are like aging people and will develop many of the same problems we do. Aging is hard on the joints, muscle strength, nervous system, and much more. Thankfully, older horses respond very well to chiropractic care which helps them throughout their golden years!

horse taping.jpeg

Taping Treatment

Taping treatments work naturally with the body and can allow your horse to be more comfortable performing at the level of riding they are designed for. Taping treatments can also decrease swelling, support muscles and joints as well as provide pain and stress relief.


Horse & Rider Assessment

This is often a complete biomechanical assessment of both rider and horse as one moving unit and is essential to maximize riding experience and to achieve your equestrian goals. In some cases, the horse/rider is in prime condition, but biomechanical issues could affect the horse/rider in such a way that will hinder the horse’s/riders progression.


Laser Treatments

With PAIN-FREE laser treatments, we can accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, eliminate pain and treat an array of conditions such as; open wounds, sprains /strains, back pain arthritis, joint/disc disease, tendon injuries & much more!


Exercise Perscription

Great for all ages; an exercise prescription is an amazing tool for improving your horse's health and performance. The right program can help to prevent, treat, and manage a range of health conditions that increasingly impact your horse's quality of life and physical function.

  • Do I need a referral from my Veterinarian?
    While we do work closely with your veterinarian, a referral for chiropractic is not necessary.
  • How often will my dog have to come for treatment?
    Every dog's needs and rate of improvement are different. Age, current health status, activity level, and severity of your dog's condition are all things that come into play when developing a treatment plan.
  • Does Pet-Insurance cover my dogs Chiropractic visit?
    Although many pet insurance plans are different, many providers cover animal chiropractic. When selecting a pet-insurance provider/plan, be sure to see if options like animal chiropractic, animal physical therapy, or animal rehabilitation are available.
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