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Driving Ergonomics

Think about it, how many times have you exited your car and you feel pain? Either after short drive or a long one. Either your back aches or your neck bothers you. 9 times out of 10 it is the way that you are sitting while driving that causes your pain. Can you fix it? Is there a way to sit correctly while driving?

The short answer is yes. What ever you do you need to make sure that you never make a sitting adjustment that would hinder your safety. I will list bellow several adjustments that need to be done for proper driving ergonomics. All of these adjustment are meant to reduce all of those pains that you feel after you drive.

Proper Driving Positions

Start by bringing the sit the lowest it can go, the farthest from the steering wheel it can go and recline the back to 30 - 40 degrees.

  1. Start with bringing the height of the sit to a positing in which you can see both the road and the dashboard comfortably. Make sure that your hips and knees are at the same level. If you can not adjust your sit to this position add a cushion. The sit need to support your entire thigh.

  2. Bring the sit to a position in which you can push the leg paddles in such a way that you will not need to move forward or backwards from your sit.

  3. Bring the back of the sit to a 110 -110 degrees. This way you ensure that the load on your back will be decreased.

  4. Lumbar support, in some cars there is a possibility to inflate a lumbar support. If this is the case make sure that it is in the height of your lumbar curve, and that it fills the gap between the sit to your back. If this is not the case use a cushion.

  5. Adjust the height of the steering wheal in such a way that would minimize your reach. You elbows should not be high.

  6. Adjust your head rest in a way that it will rest on the middle of your head.

  7. Adjust your mirror.

  8. Hold the steering wheal in such a way that your shoulders are relaxed. Usually at 9 and 3 O'clock.

  9. Empty your back pants pockets.

Make sure to rest and stretch at least once every two hours!

Have a safe drive

- Dr. Ben Simon

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